Project Description


Li-Cor Biosciences

Juggernaut Design Contribution
  • Design Research
  • Concept Development
  • Form/User Interface
  • External 3D Surfacing Modeling
  • Mechanical Engineering

Biologists use photosynthesis measurements to gauge the health of plants. The LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System brings the lab to the field. The portable system allows research to be completed in the field without disturbing the plants. Juggernaut worked with LI-COR Biosciences to develop the handheld instrument to be comfortable, easy to-use and durable in a range of use scenarios. The use scenarios are as varied as there are plants and environments; close to the ground to high on a ladder in a tree, high humidity, or extreme high and low temperatures. The sensor head handle assembly and input buttons are ergonomically placed for repeated data gathering. The LI-6800 was designed to meet the challenges of some of the most rugged environments on the planet.

What are people saying about Juggernaut?

LI-COR worked with Juggernaut in the design of a genre-defining product with game-changing performance and a modern user experience, the LI-6800.  Juggernaut immediately understood “rugged” and the challenges of creating portable instrumentation for sophisticated in-situ measurements.  They created a functional design language for key elements of the base system and extended that language to all accessories. Juggernaut provided a range of support including full industrial design and engineering, to reviewer and trusted advisor. Juggernaut’s broad skill-mix and agility allowed us to strategically mold working relationships, dynamically adapting and reinforcing the team to meet project demands.


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