Project Description

Nett Warrior


Juggernaut Contributions
  • Design Research
  • Concept Development
  • Form/User Interface Development Models
  • External 3D Surface Modeling
  • Prototyping
  • Focus group evaluation
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Tooling Liaison
  • Production

Nett Warrior, the US Army program to improve situational awareness for ground soldiers, asked Juggernaut to develop a solution to leverage the size, weight and cost advantages of commercially available smart phones for use as wearable display. In addition to providing a durable solution in extreme environments, key challenges included providing secure connection to other devices and determining the most effective/ergonomic location to wear the display. Juggernaut applied their knowledge of typical CONOPS and available real estate on the war fighters kit to determine best mounting locations. The hinged chest mount has become the wearable display standard for war fighters and first responders. The case solution is IP-67 waterproof, drop tested to 2 meters and easy to use with gloves.

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