Sometimes two great ideas come together to create something bigger. We’ve had the opportunity to work with some great partners to provide turnkey solutions for some very specific challenges. A recent collaboration with InCadence Strategic Solutions was one such project, where together, we provided  defense and law enforcement a rugged mobile device enabling mobile fingerprint and iris scanning.

Juggernaut.Case with the Javelin combine to provide mobile fingerprint and iris ID verification. A sealed USB connection between the devices transfers power and data.

This story starts a number of years ago, when we were approached by DARPA to design a rugged enclosure for commercial mobile phones. The military had realized that it would be more effective to use commercial phones than to design custom computers. Thus, they came to us to figure out how to make a commercial phone hold up to the environmental challenges of the frontline.  A solution would also need to be easy to use and carry. The solution eventually became the Juggernaut.Case® and wearable mounts.

More recently the folks at InCadence, who pioneered the fingerprint and iris scanning software called Ares, were looking to see how their solution could be integrated with a secure, rugged communications solution. InCadence has a long history developing and deploying biometrics solutions and Ares was developed in response to a request from the FBI for a mobile solution. Naturally, we were both excited to find each other.

The Ares application provides instant ID checks at access points and other mobile situations. The smartphone screen is the visual interface for the iris scan and verification process.

The InCadence and Juggernaut teams worked to design and build a rugged enclosure that combines a smartphone in a Juggernaut.Case® and the necessary scanners. Challenges included maintaining a component-based, modular system that could be easily and quickly assembled or taken apart in a small form factor.  Since the Ares peripheral sensors rely on power from the phone’s USB port, careful consideration had to be given to the requirement for charging the phone and sensors as well as data transfer. Combining 2 scanner devices into one rugged attachment presented challenges in the use of space and the necessary connectivity to the phone.

Fingerprint sensor allows rapid mobile identification check and enrollment at the scene.

With military and law enforcement needs in mind, the result became Javelin, an immersion/impact protected case with mounting capability.   Knowing these devices would be deployed in harsh environments, the Javelin is IP67 rated as both a standalone unit and while connected to the phone.  The Javelin was also designed to survive (2m on concrete) while assembled to the phone.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is used to design, prototype and validate the rugged enclosure.

Juggernaut now manufactures the Javelin alongside our Juggernaut.Case at our facility. We look forward to supporting future iterations and growing our partnership by collaborating on future industrial design projects with InCadence and other companies.


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