2503, 2019

User-Centered Product Design – Considering All The Users

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Many product designers practice user-centered design, carefully considering the user’s interaction with the product.  However, it’s important to not simply consider the primary user, but also the users, or actors, throughout a products life cycle.  By thinking beyond the primary user, you can often uncover unique features that may improve

403, 2019

Partnering for successful product design

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Sometimes two great ideas come together to create something bigger. We’ve had the opportunity to work with some great partners to provide turnkey solutions for some very specific challenges. A recent collaboration with InCadence Strategic Solutions was one such project, where together, we provided  defense and law enforcement a rugged

2702, 2019

The Impact of Design on Business Results

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We see companies wrestle with decisions about investing in product design often.  It’s well documented that good design wins market share and builds brands. However, does a company invest in a subtle evolution or a deeper, blank-page approach? Thanks to a recent conversation, we’re fortunate to be able to share

1010, 2018

The Language of Rugged Design

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We often use short-hand terms around here to explain rugged design, expecting that everyone will know exactly what we mean.  Stopping to think about it, the dictionary’s definition for rugged doesn’t really illustrate what we mean by rugged in the context of product design!  So, we decided to outline the