CAPABILITIES Providing a full range of product development capabilities, we can support projects from initial design through production release or focus on specific tasks within the project.

  • Component / Assembly Design

  • Materials / Process Specification

  • Cost Analysis

  • 3D Solid Modeling

  • Environmental Compatibility

  • Form Studies

  • Test Rigs

  • Functional Verification

  • Multiple Marketing Samples

  • Vendor Selection

  • Tooling Liaison

  • Documentation

  • Production Support

  • Short Run Production

OUR SWEET SPOT We’ve earned a reputation for creating truly rugged products. Whether for point of sale, medical, education, recreation, or military, we’ve created products that survive their environments while being functionally elegant and user friendly. We’ve proven to be an excellent partner to organizations that require sustained support for their product development teams as well as organizations that require leadership and management of their design language. Typical project budgets range from $50,000 and up, and we have a minimum engagement of $25,000.

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