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Effective Use of Physical Models In Product Development

The surprise… It was about 10 minutes through a design review.  All eyes were fixed on the projector screen evaluating the newly presented concepts.  My voice was the only sound in the room and everyone was still.  Going into the review I was...

If You Can’t Solve It, Draw It Bigger

Don’t all kids love trig? I was always pretty good at math.  The first math class that really got me excited was trigonometry.  To me it seemed really useful.  Ok, so that’s not normal – but there were plenty of times in my young life that...

Lessons from the Battlefield Applied to Civilian Gear

“He didn’t like that the buttons were sticking.” “What specifically did he say?” “He said ‘It sucks’ and threw it on the ground and crushed it with his boot.” Special operators, especially Navy SEALs, will not sugar coat feedback.  Lives...
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The Glove Test for Product Design

‘Must work with gloves’ is a requirement that we often see in the design specification for rugged products.  So what are some of the considerations when designing for gloved use? Temperature Products that may be used in extreme hot or cold...

Don’t Skip Design Requirements

I loved visiting my uncle Bud in Rensselaer Indiana.  He had a passion for computers from the very early days of the field.  I learned a lot of programming from him.  Uncle Bud never spoke down to us kids, he’d dispense his knowledge slowly as he...

The Power of a Concept Bill of Materials

It’s a common refrain from new clients: “we hired a design firm to do a previous project.  They made a nice design but when we found out what it was going to cost to build we had to scrap it.”  There are several techniques to keeping a new design’s...

5 Things to Avoid When Designing a Sealed Product


How Juggernaut got its Name

What’s a Juggernaut?      A lot of people love our company name Juggernaut.  When we started, very few people knew that a Juggernaut is an unstoppable force crushing everything in its path.  I don’t think I knew what it meant the first time I...

What I Learned About Design Creativity from a Jazz Musician

If you’re an engineer, you probably had teachers telling you about how your humanities classes were making you well rounded.  I know I scoffed at the idea that Beowulf would somehow help me become a better engineer.  I realize now that there is certainly...

Would You Trust Tape for Assembly?

There’s a great meme floating around out there with the title “engineering flowchart”. It’s been around in several versions for many years so I assume it’s public domain.  It sort of memorializes engineers’ love for duct tape as a fix-all....