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Product design, engineering, and embedded field testing for many defense first responder teams


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  • Juggernaut has been instrumental over the last few years in shaping the design language for the Rockford Fosgate brand. The Juggernaut team brings a unique insight to our development process and the ability for both of our teams to integrate, brainstorm, collaborate and design world class products together has been the key to the success. The investment in this phase of development has not only saved time and money but has also enabled us to improve our communication to potential customers on the front side. Creating and sharing a vision is what most companies struggle with… …Juggernaut delivers on both.

  • Juggernaut Design was a critical partner in our early product development, enabling us to introduce a really beautiful design and key engineering features that augmented and expanded on our in-house capabilities.

  • LI-COR worked with Juggernaut in the design of a genre-defining product with game-changing performance and a modern user experience, the LI-6800.  Juggernaut immediately understood “rugged” and the challenges of creating portable instrumentation for sophisticated in-situ measurements.  They created a functional design language for key elements of the base system and extended that language to all accessories. Juggernaut provided a range of support including full industrial design and engineering, to reviewer and trusted advisor. Juggernaut’s broad skill-mix and agility allowed us to strategically mold working relationships, dynamically adapting and reinforcing the team to meet project demands.

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